i think my parents need to move out

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i was tagged by @visuals.vibes to participate in @_vlgr’s #WhatIsYourPurposeMovement..i’m nervous but here’s my story..i’ve always kind of been into photography..i travel frequently and wanted to be able to capture those moments..and to be honest..i’ve never been comfortable in front of the just in the last year have i have found myself getting really into photography…life through my eyes is better remembered through a photo..what better way to relive your journeys greatest moments..i’ve been through so much this year and photography is the only reason i’ve been able to get through it photography has opened the doorway to a lot of new experiences and me being able to meet other dope, inspiring people..i never thought i would get this into it..i may still be a work in progress..but i’ll get to where i want to is less about a job, but rather documentation of a series of grateful that others enjoy it and actually want me to do the same for them..♡
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Museum hop with me so I know it’s real.

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drake version only

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